michelle schrank

park avenue greenline

One of 17 finalists in the Beyond the Centerline competition sponsored by the Fisher Brothers to re-imagine the Park Avenue medians in New York City, and featured in The New York Times along with other national publications.

Team members: Dijana Milojevic, Michelle Schrank


Mini golf, typically a sprawling suburban condition, takes on a new format in the urban jungle. Located in one of the most iconic and unique stretches of the NYC grid, the Park Avenue Greenline actually lets you play in traffic. Protected from vehicles, weather, and the general noise of the city, players are whisked away to a quieter greenspace where they can socialize, compete, and loosen up.
The Park Avenue Greenline consists of a full 18-hole mini golf course, complete with a clubhouse, restaurant, and virtual driving range. Within the enclosure, there is an elevated walkway for visitors to pass through without playing golf, and also a street-level pop-up market & park seating where the Greenline elevates to accommodate cross-traffic and pedestrians.

The Greenline course is both open to the public and available to rent for private events (happy hours, fundraisers, holiday parties, business meetings). Visitors can book a tee time for 9 holes or 18 holes via the app/website, or opt to subscribe to monthly memberships for premium play times. The clubhouse, restaurant, and driving range are open to the public (without paying for a round of golf) and the Greenline app also acts as a digital scorecard, course guide, and concierge for all of the venues. Furthermore, each hole meets US Pro Mini Golf regulations so major tournaments could be held right in the heart of Manhattan.

Part museum and part sculpture garden, the Greenline is an opportunity to showcase the icons, landmarks, and neighborhoods of New York City, while also building a sense of community through participatory art. The design of each hole is potentially sponsored by a rotation of NYC Community Districts, and the front 9 & back 9 holes would be replaced with new features every few months. Physical placards along the course share information about each hole/community, and visitors can also follow along via the app. 



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